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Problem populating DNS records in grid member

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I'm trying to populate DNS zones and records in the db of a new grid member but they don't show up. We are working with name server groups in which I have put the new member as secondary. When I put this name server group as default I have the issue that nowhere in existing zones, this is taken into account. But when I change manually the name server group for a certain zone it shows up right in the new member. But I don't feel like doing this for each and every zone and subzone. Besides there is no name server group setting for delegated zones. How do I let those delegated zones show up in my new member ?

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Re: Problem populating DNS

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You can use the API to set the name server group for your zones, especially those that don't already have an NSG set (which sound like one of your goals).  See the source code below...

Delegated zones do not support NS Groups.  So, for these, you have to set their properties on a case by case basis.

If you want to delegate a zone, and have the Grid be secondary you can use an NS Group for that, like this:

External Primary (or primaries):  The name servers to which you delegate.

Grid Secondaries:  The Grid members that will also serve the zone.




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