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Request: Infoblox Bloxtools Virtual Appliance (IB-BVA)

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Dear Infoblox,I want to know if there is a small chance for an upcoming dedicated Infoblox Bloxtools Virtual Appliance (IBVA)? Smiley Happybest regardsMarkus

Re: Request: Infoblox Bloxtools Virtual Appliance (IB-BVA)

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That would be useful for us as well.

There was a lenghty thread on

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There was a lenghty thread on the forums on how to install bloxtools on a stand alone linux server(non infoblox device).   I was just on looking for the thread again as I have need to setup a second one in our environemt and it appears to have been removed.


I can tell you it is possiable as I currenty have bloxtools running on a Redhat server.   It is a far better solution than taking up the expensive resources on the appliance.  


please restore bloxtools stand-alone thread

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I would definitely find that useful.

Please help us out Infoblox folks!

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