SNMP Traps

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Hi All, 


Recently I have received  below traps from my monitoring devices.


ibTrapDesc = A Serial Console login failure has occurred 
ibProbableCause = 59 
ibSubsystemName = Login 
ibTrapSeverity = minor(3) 
ibNodeName = 10.x.x.x
snmpTrapOID = IB-TRAPONE-M​IB:ibProce​ssingFailu​reTrap 
sysUpTime = 251 days 19 hours 29 minutes 34.11 seconds 


I have checked my database and Infoblox logs but unable to find anything useful like source IP (as i see the description was serial console login failed). 


Any idea what is triggering the traps ? 


Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy 


Re: SNMP Traps

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Is there a console cable, device, or access server connected to the console port on the appliance? I am assuming this is a physical appliance but please also confirm this.


If there was an actual login attempt this should be logged to the Audit log as well.


If there is a connection established to the serial port it is possible some extraneous characters were sent across the line triggering a login failure.


If you are not able to find further correlation or cause I would suggeset contacting Infoblox Support for further analysis.


Hope that helps!



Steve S.

Re: SNMP Traps

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It looks to me like this is a login that failed on the serial console port.  Do you have a console server connected to your Infoblox serial port?

Re: SNMP Traps

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HI Ssalo & Rlangston, 


Thanks for your advise. I have check the audit log and found out my company monitoring team try to SSH the infoblox but they don't have access and end up always sending the alerts to me. 


Thanks again and sorry for the late reply. 



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