Smart Folder 2000 Limit

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Hi,  is there a way to increase the smart folder limit above 2000. This isn't high enough for our environment.                                                                          The documentation states:                                                                                                            (

If you select to include objects with no attribute values, the appliance may take longer to process the results. Each smart folder you create can contain up to 2,000 objects. When the number of objects exceeds 2,000, Grid Manager sort and displays the first 2,000 objects and a message at the top of the panel. In this case, you may want to redefine your filter criteria to further refine the filtered data in your smart folders.)    



Re: Smart Folder 2000 Limit

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The limit is 2000 - this is not configurable.  If you need this to be increased, you should work with your local account team and submit an RFE (Request for Enhancement).

Re: Smart Folder 2000 Limit

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If you end up with more than 2000 records, you could try additional levels of grouping to see if that reduces your result to something that will fit under the 2000 limit.


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