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URL redirection using DNS

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Is it possible using DDI to redirect a users dns query ?exampleam authoritive for domain ( this is setup on the infoblox )is it possible using cnames or any other way ?So when a user types in , the dns query response gives back and the users browser is redirected.I can't just put in an A record saying points to because this ip address changes so it needs to point to another name is this possible using Infoblox DNS , or am I barking up the wrong tree.Cheers for any info or tips.


Re: URL redirection using DNS

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If you're talking about a single test machine that might change once in a while, then youc ould do this via infoblox. use a short TTL so that when it changes the old value isn't cached long. 

If it changes a lot, or is pointing to a collection of machines working in tandem, then this is more something for a proxy or a round robin setup, and you should look at those (and then point at it via infoblox)


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