Why does RPZ rule have different policy with RPZ zone?

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I'm now using CSV files and WAPI to populating RPZ zone and its rules to Infoblox appliance. I only specify the policy in RPZ zone csv file, when it's specified as 'Substitute', the imported RPZ rules' policy is the same.


However when I specify its policy is 'Block' or 'Passthru', the policy of its rules are always 'Block Domain Name(No Such Domain)', although these rules' behavior will be the same as the policy defined in their parent zone. Any clue about it?

Re: Why does RPZ rule have different policy with RPZ zone?

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At the RPZ zone level, you can define a policy that overrides each individual rule setting.  This allows you to quickly make changes for a whole series of rules in the zone.  The policy per rule is designed to allow you to leverage a single whitelist or blacklist but have different actions depending on the specific target.  In some cases, you might want to temporarily initiate a redirection (due to some internal IT change) while other rules may be blocked or allowed.


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