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Zone Report

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I'm not running bloxTools - hoping someone here has written something that might help me.

I need to run a report  showing all DNS records defined in each existent zone.  Unfortunately, the only way to do this is manually via the GUI but, since I've got a couple thousand zones, I need to do this via an automated porcess. 

It's also unfortunate that Infoblox does not provide a "built-in" way to do such a basic report.

Here's hoping someone has run into this before and can share a way of doing it. 

BTW, zone xfers from the SOAs won;t work - the SOAs are in a DMZ, no DNS "routing" allowed from\to them. 



Re: Zone Report

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None of these alternatives are possible for what I need out of this deployment today. Do you have any other solutions people?? I need a list of all the names we serve up to the world too and I cant get it without clicking multiple times per each of our many-hundred zones!11 clicks to create a host record, no bulk creation mechanism fit for a network engineer either. Shame!

Re: Zone Report

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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It's not hard, it's just different to other systems. But, if you want to avoid a lot of mouse clicks, you need to use the API. You can export data for a single zone from the GUI, but for bulk operations you need to use the API.

There are 2 ways to do this:

A) the fast way, and what you would do if you had a BIND server, using

#!/usr/bin/perlmy $DNSserver = "";my $GM = "";my $sdb = Infoblox::Session->new(    master   => $GM,    password => 'admin',    username => 'infoblox',);my @zonelist = $sdb->get(    object => 'Infoblox::DNS::Zone'    name => '.*');foreach my @zobj ( @zonelist ) {    my $name = $zobj->name    system( "dig @$DNSserver $zone AXFR > $zone.txt" );}

B) the SLOW way, using native API calls, this also gets you all the
metadata on the records, so it has a significant (100x) time overhead.

#!/usr/bin/perlmy $GM = "";my $sdb = Infoblox::Session->new(    master   => $GM,    password => 'admin',    username => 'infoblox',);foreach my $otype qw(        Infoblox::DNS::Host        Infoblox::DNS::Record::A        Infoblox::DNS::Record::PTR    ) {    $sdb->export_data(        object_type => $otype,        type => 'csv',        separator => 'comma',        path => "$otype-records.csv",    );



Re: Zone Report

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Trying to set up Zone Transfer using dig on a linux client.  Configured Grid Master

(6.5.4-186068) per instructions: Data Management -> DNS -> Zones ->

Grid DNS Properties -> Zone Transfers -> Allow IPv4 Address

dig @grid_master_ip axfr returns:

; (1 server found)

;; global options: printcmd

; Transfer failed. 

Syslog message shows:

2013-04-29 15:20:58 EDT daemon named[22642] client view 13: bad zone transfer request: '': non-authoritative zone (NOTAUTH)

This has got to be something simple.  Can anyone tell what I'm missing here?  Any and

all help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Zone Report

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Ran the perl script above and did get results -- not the results I was expecting but results none

the less.  So proved there isn't a communication problem but a configuration issue.  Will

investigate further.

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