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I have the code that now goes off and gets the network reference

i can find the next available IP


i have just tried


sending the content


I get an error

The action is not allowed. A parent record was not found.

Do i need to create a A record first?

Thanks in advance


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As Infoblox is not controlling our DNS, I have been told that I just need to add an IPv4 Reservation and mark the address as Used.

  • I can get the network _ref
  • I can get the next available address
  • I can lookup and get the ip addressses _ref

How do I now update the ipv4address and set the name and status ?

I tried /wapi/v.1.4.1/ipv4address/1234567890

with a body of

{"names":"servera", "status":"USED"}

and I get an error of

Operation create not allowed for ipv4addres

which I am not surprised at as it implies it works via the host record

when I try a /wapi/v1.1.4/record:host to add a new record, i am getting "A parent was not found" which I feel comes down to the fact we are not running DNS off infoblox.


anyone got any suggestions on howi can update the address of and tell it that it is has the name of "server a" and that its status is now "Used"

thanks in advance




You cannot set the "status"

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You cannot set the "status" to used.  That is an internal field that is set automatically once an object is created.  Also, you don't create an "address" as that already "exists".  Instead, you would create an object that is assigned to that address.

Since you are managing DNS today, you'll need to use the "fixedaddress" object type.  That will allow you to essentially reserve the IP address for any possible purpose.  Generally these are used for DHCP but they can also be used simply for any reservation at all.

Hi Don

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Hi Don

Thanks for the info.  I shall look tomorrow when I am in the office and see how I get on.

I maybe back with more questions.



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