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isilon smartconnect load balancing

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Hi all,

I'm having some troubles trying got the isilon smartconnect load balancing working.  I was able to do this on a BIND dns server just fine.  On the BIND server all I did was forward any request going to nas1.xyz.com to go to 10.x.x.x.  I tried setting up the same forward on infoblox and when I do a lookup against nas1.xyz.com I get server failed.  I even tried to use delegation zone as well and get the same results.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Re: isilon smartconnect load

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Some questions / troubleshooting steps to start with:
Is xyz.com a populated zone or is nas1.xyz.com the only FQDN?
Is nas1 a DNS record or sub zone with all queries against the nas1.xyz.com zone being forwarded?
If nas1 is a "Forward Zone" then check the settings to make sure the remote name server and local member that is forwarding are properly configured
Try doing a packet capture and/or enable query/response logging to see the query flow that's happening. This would see who is dropping the ball in the path.

Hope this helps you out.


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