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Question, is there a (simple) way to check which version of the WAPI is installed by using a REST call ?



One way to check for WAPI version number

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I'm not aware of any simple way to check for the WAPI version number for a particular grid. I looked through the documentation and there's no API call I can see that specifically returns a version number.

One way to do it is to try all versions from 1.0 on up using an API call known to be supported in all versions. Looking for the networkview objects is one possibility, since it should always return something and it doesn't return too much data. Here's sample Python code to determine the highest WAPI version number supported:                                          

import requests
import json

versions = ["1.0", "1.1", "1.2", "1.3", "1.4", "1.5", "1.6", "1.7"]  # No 1.7 version yet
for version in versions:
    url = '' + version + '/networkview'
    r = requests.get(url, auth=('admin', 'infoblox'), verify=False)
    if r.status_code ==
        highest_version = version

print 'Highest supported WAPI version is ' + highest_version


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Thanks for this nice workaround, will give it a try Smiley Happy

Another way to check the WAPI version

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Another possible method of getting the WAPI version is to simply make a WAPI request for the WAPI documentation ( and parse the result and look at the "title".  From that, you'll find the WAPI version that the documentation references so you'll know what the highest version of the WAPI supported is.

I have not tested this with older releases but it will work with current code.

How to move from WAPI 1.1 to 1.2?

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Our Security Team has a new analysis tool that requires interfacing with our Grid using WAPI 1.2.  

Their tool is incompatible with our Infoblox DHCP because the Grid uses WAPI 1.1.


What process should I follow to upgrade / change our Grid from WAPI 1.1 to 1.2?

What are the associated impacts to devices that rely on the Grid for their DHCP addresses?

Will the process of moving from 1.1 to 1.2 cause down time for devices trying to get addresses via DHCP?



WAPI 1.1 to 1.2 upgrade requires NIOS 6.7 to 6.8 upgrade

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Web API (WAPI) releases are tied to NIOS releases. NIOS 6.7 supports WAPI version 1.1. Using WAPI version 1.2 requires upgrading your grid from NIOS 6.7 to (at least) NIOS 6.8. NIOS upgrades can be planned so as to incur minimal down-time for DNS and DHCP services. Also note that Infoblox offers various professional services packages to assist with grid upgrades of this type, including planning the upgrade and being available during cutover. Talk to your Infoblox account team for more information.

incidentally, if you do upgrade from 6.7 to 6.8 (or a more current version) any existing programs using the WAPI version 1.1 API should continue to work. As long as the program requests a WAPI 1.1 operation (as indicated in the URL associated with the API request) then NIOS 6.8 or later will respond in accordance with the 1.1 functionality. 

Re: wAPI version

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I asked this question again to see if anything has changed in four years.


An answer was posted to call:




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