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Support Central: KB #5021: When upgrading, how do I find what NIOS version to upgrade to?

 When you're considering upgrading your NIOS version, there may be multiple versions that you can upgrade to.


When planning your upgrade, a good place to start is the Downloads section on the Infoblox Support site Here, you can review the downloads that are currently available and obtain the corresponding release notes for each version that you may be considering. In general, Infoblox recommends that you upgrade to one of the newest versions of NIOS available at the time of your upgrade.

To help with identifying a specific release that you may want to upgrade to, it is helpful to review the release notes for details in the different versions of NIOS that are available, including:

  • Supported Platforms
  • New Features
  • Changes to Default Behavior
  • Upgrade Guidelines
  • Before You Install
  • Addressed Vulnerabilities
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known General Issues

To verify the upgrade path that you would need follow for your upgrade, refer to the section titled "BEFORE YOU INSTALL" in the release notes for the version of NIOS that you are considering upgrading to. While this is always subject to change, in general, NIOS versions 6.7 and newer can upgrade directly up to NIOS version 7.2.x. NIOS version 7.3.x supports direct upgrades from NIOS version 6.10 and newer.

If you are looking for guidance on a specific version to go to, your Infoblox account (Sales) representative may be able to arrange a design review so that it can eb determined which version would be most appropriate for your environment. For any further assistance with upgrade questions, please contact Infoblox Support.

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