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Infoblox ActiveTrust and a Deeper Dive Into your DNS Security


Businesses are investing heavily into securing company resources from cyber-attacks form cybercriminals. Some threats, however, are beyond the scope of what today's leading cybersecurity solutions can protect you from.


When your users click on a link they didn't mean to, your users and network will get infected, and the criminals will enter your network.


How do you protect yourself once hackers are inside your network?


The answer is simple; Infoblox ActiveTrust is the first integrated, cloud managed, hybrid DNS security solution that protects users and devices anywhere – on the enterprise network, while roaming or in remote offices - from cyber attacks. The solution blocks DNS based data exfiltration, stops malware communications with command-and-control servers, automatically prevents access to content not in compliance with policy, and shares intelligence and IOCs with your existing security infrastructure for orchestration and faster remediation.


ActiveTrust turns DNS from a security blind spot into a powerful, and pervasive core network security asset, allowing organizations to elevate their security to the NEXT LEVEL! Join Kevin Zettel as he walks you through the detailed ways you can start using ActiveTrust today.

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Demo Video: Infoblox Hybrid Cloud integration with Azure and AWS