#3259: NIOS upgrade fails due to DHCP fingerprint conflict

Problem Summary

Infoblox debug log shows "dhcp fingerprint conflict test upgrade failure" message.


Customer Environment

Customer wants to upgrade an Infoblox grid from version 6.10.x to version 6.11.x.



NIOS 6.10.x



If the customer has added custom DHCP finger print options which are system-defined in the NIOS release to which the customer is upgrading, the older custom finger print options may conflict with the newer system-defined finger print options.



To correct the problem, manually delete the custom DHCP fingerprint options.

To delete the custom DHCP fingerprint information:

  1. Navigate to Data ManagementDHCP Fingerprint.
  2. Sortby Type, it will be either Custom or standard.
  3. Manually delete the custom DHCP Fingerprints if it conflicts with the newer version of NIOS.

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