BloxTools - End of Support

BloxTools withdrawn from NIOS releases

Having announced the End of Support for BloxTools, Infoblox is restating the EOL date.
BloxTools will be supported until February 11th 2023, after that date support will no longer be provided.
The BloxTools environment provides tools for creating custom applications that facilitate the administrative tasks in the customers organization by providing a pre-installed environment for running applications using Perl, Python, PHP, CGI scripting, and Infoblox API libraries. 

While the BloxTools environment “borrows” resources such as CPU, memory, disk space, and networking from the host Infoblox appliance, it is logically separated from the NIOS operating system.
Where the Infoblox platform’s APIs depended on Perl, the BloxTools feature added value by ensuring that the Infoblox.pm module in its configuration was in sync with that of the Grid it operated on.  With Infoblox’s shift away from the Perl based API, that value has been diminished.  That value is now outweighed by its constraints in memory, CPU, disk, and filesystem access capabilities which limits customization of the development environment.
Applications running in BloxTools can be moved to any web application platform.  The applications can be transferred via the tar utility and tested on other platforms, such as Linux VMs and cloud-based systems.  

Should customers need assistance, the Professional Services team can provide a cost-effective engagement to move and test the customers’ applications, via a custom project engagement

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