Remove IPAM Connection in vRO

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I've got v4.3 of the Infoblox IPAM vRO plugin installed and configured. I want to remove one of the IPAM connections I have showing in the vRO inventory as it is now redundant, but I can't find how to do this.


There doesn't appear to be any delete/remove/uninstall workflows for IPAM connections, only a Create IPAM Connection workflow. You also can't right click on the connection in the inventory and run any workflows on it or remove it.


I don't want to have to uninstall andd reinstall the plugin just to remove the connection. Does anyone know of another way to clean this up?

Re: Remove IPAM Connection in vRO

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IPAM connections are managed in vRealize Automation under Infrastructure –> Endpoints –> Endpoints. You should be able to remove or update the endpoints there.




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