Update IPAM records - not working

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I did integration between vRA 7.2 and Infoblox IPAM system. All looks / works correctly apart action to update IPAM record after VM provision.

The setting   Infoblox.IPAM.enableCustomHostname is set to TRUE. For  Infoblox.IPAM.CustomHostname.ConditionalMachineCustomProperty0.Name and Infoblox.IPAM.CustomHostname.ConditionalMachineCustomProperty0.Value values are in line with data visible under VM. The record is created in IPAM.

However vRO workflow to update record with proper hostname – “Update IPAM record” is not started.

What can be wrong, where should I look ?


Thanks !



Re: Update IPAM records - not working

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It would be helpful to review all of the workflow logs so that we can see the calls as they are being processed. Debug logs from your Infoblox server might also be needed. Infoblox Support would be your best resource for troubleshooting this.




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