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vRA 8.1 and Infoblox 1.1 Plugin

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I have been unsuccessful with getting vRA 8.1 to integrate with with new 1.1 plugin.  The "IP Allocate" task fails with the following error:


" IP ALLOCATE failed: Cannot create 'record:host' object(s): b'{ "Error": "AdmConDataNotFoundError: View default not found", \n "code": "Client.Ibap.Data.NotFound", \n "text": "View default not found"\n}' [code 404] (less)"


So it seems that it cannot create a host record and mentions the "default view."  We don't use the default view in Infoblox, we use one for "internal" and one for "external."  Does anyone know if I need to set this in vRA?  I don't know where to do that though.  It looks like you can add properties on the Infoblox integration but if that's the missing piece, what's the property name that I need?  This seems so different than the plugin for 7.6 which relied heavily on Orchestrator.  This one doesn't seem to use it at all.  Any tips would be most appreciated.



Re: vRA 8.1 and Infoblox 1.1 Plugin

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Nevermind folks.  Figured it out.  For those who run into this, you need to add the Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsView property to the integration and then also to the blueprint.  This will allow you to specify a DNS view other than default.  Cheers.

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