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Trouble getting any WAPI example script to run from Node/JavaScript with axios

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OK. I’m pretty puzzled by node/JavaScript behavior while writing test scripts for WAPI Infoblox access. So I got several queries working using Postman which always seems to be a good place to start. The following is the Node and Axios example I exported from Postman. I have added the dependency Axios module.


import axios from 'axios';


var data = JSON.stringify({

  "name": “mytest-shared”,

  "network_view": “default,

  "networks": [


      "_ref": "network/ZG5zLm5…iRtDrGt:”



      "_ref": "network/iRtDrGt…iRtDrGt:”





var config = {

  method: 'post',

  maxBodyLength: Infinity,

  url: '',

  headers: {

    'Authorization': 'Basic randomjunk0OQ==',

    'Content-Type': 'application/json'


  data : data




.then(function (response) {



.catch(function (error) {





I was getting the error ”self signed cert in chain”. So I set my host name to an absolutely confirmed GM with hostname with a good certificate. It produces no errors in Chrome or Edge when I go to and view the certificate from the lock icon in the browser.



(venv-python) userid@macbook nodejs %                


Proxy-related environment variables set.

Proxy successfully connected.

(proxy on)                            


(venv-python) userid@macbook nodejs % node POST-create-sharednetwork.js

AxiosError: self-signed certificate in certificate chain

    at AxiosError.from (/Users/vaeq6f/Documents/repos/infoblox-wapi/nodejs/node_modules/axios/dist/node/axios.cjs:825:14)

... blah blah


But still as you can see I am receiving the warning about "self-signed certificate blah blah blah”. I’m pretty puzzled as to why this would still be being produced. I also have tried it with disabling our company proxy settings. Should I add the proxy settings in the axios config?


Running out of ideas since this seems to be straightforward. It works so easily from Postman, Python or curl.


Re: Trouble getting any WAPI example script to run from Node/JavaScript with axios

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Here's best work around. Do this environment variable in your shell in order to get Node JavaScript to ignore SSL cert issues.



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