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GET + /wapi/v2.11.2/network?*City:='Reno' = Failure

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says that if I form a query like this:


GET /wapi/v2.11.2/network?*Building:='Data Center'
.. it will return all of the networks matching 'Data Center'.
So took the format and substuited "Building" for "City" but it does not work.

Re: GET + /wapi/v2.11.2/network?*City:='Reno' = Failure

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Could you please post the API and the output you get?


Meanwhile, could you try the above WAPI without the quotes like below:

GET + /wapi/v2.11.2/network?_return_fields%2B=extattrs&*City:=Reno




Re: GET + /wapi/v2.11.2/network?*City:='Reno' = Failure

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Thanks for the help.  As requested .. error with quotes:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

without quotes (works):


and your example works as well:


However if I switch the city to one with a space in it, quotes fail but %20 for the space works.


Why does the wapidoc say use quote?

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