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vRA 7.6 and Infoblox plugin 4.5.1 workflows failing to validate

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I inadvertently installed the v6 plugin on our vRA v7.6 environment (don't ask Smiley Happy ).  I've since backed that out and installed the v4.5.1 plugin.  The problem I'm having now is that the workflows will not run and the system complains of validation errors.  If I go into the workflow and use the validate function I get a bunch of unknown types.


Also, for some reason I see a bunch of duplicate workflows - even after ensuring they are all removed after backing out the v6 plugin.


Sadly, having to work on this end of life vRA environment due to an IPAM switch to IB and there still being some legacy stuff out there that (hopefully) one day will need to be decommed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


Screen shots of what I'm talking about:

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