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Infoblox REST API get A record parameters ?

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Trying to get specific A record ,

curl --location --request GET ''

but not sure what parameters to use in order to get a specific record by name, not all records

Re: Infoblox REST API get A record parameters ?

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You can filter by a specific name using the following WAPI call:

curl --location --request GET ''

Hope this helps,


Re: Infoblox REST API get A record parameters ?

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Try this to create and view objects.

Create a resource record A

curl -k1 -u user: password -X POST https://GMip/wapi/v2.10.5/record:a -d ipv4addr= -d name=www.zonename


View all records within a specific zone


curl -k1 -u user: password -X GET https://GMip/wapi/v2.10.5/allrecords?zone=zonename



Note: WAPI 2.10.5


Thank you.

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