Integration issues with CounterAct
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I have read and followed the deployment guide and watched the video and have run into several issues on three different enclaves:


It was installed the same way on two seperate enclaves.


Enclave 1.


1. After installing the EcoSystem license and then adding in the templates, creating the notifications, and creating the Endpoint. I tried the last item to check the configuration and when go to view the log I get the error "Endpoint file has not be created. Check the endpoint Configuration."  I have verified that it is built correctly and have gone as far asdeleting and reinstalling the Endpoint, Notifications, and Templates.  I have not deleted the EcoSystem license and reinstalled it.


2.  Also noticed in reviewing the infoblox logs that the OutboundAPIServiceManager starts and the OutboundAPIWorker does not start.



Enclave 2.


1. Dosen't have and issuse with viewing the debug log and the OutboundAPIServiceManager and OutboundAPIWorker both start.


2. One issue I'm seeing is that there are problems parsing the json output.  Can be seen in the attached syslog.  I am not sure what needs to be adjusted.


3. Te other issue is that the Template execution retry limit has been reached.  Can be seen in the attached syslog.  I have not been able to find the setting to reset this.