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Network Automation and Compliance (NetMRI)


NetMRI - Network Analysis - Changes - User N/A

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Hi all, I am new here and have a question regarding the Changes list in Network Analysis.


For our customers, the value "N/A" is often displayed in the User column. This is due to the "Poll" entry that is displayed in the details list, as far as I know.


Unfortunately I can't set a filter because there are also entries in the Changes list that are called "Poll,Syslog,Config".


Is there any way to split these entries or change the order of the Change Method in the details so that the user "N/A" does not appear anymore?


The customer is unfortunately not willing to go to the gear and view the details individually with "View Change Details".


The same problem exists in the Config Management - Config Archive of the respective Device. In the Edited By column instead of "N/A" the entry "Unknown" is shown.


Does anyone have a tip?


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