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Bulk change TTL

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I have a few zones with multiple (say 100+) records per zone. The TTL settings of these records vary a lot. Most are not "inherited". I would like to standardize the TTL settings. Something like this:

- go to zone

- select all records

- bulk change the TTL to 14400


How can I accomplish this? Changing TTL individually for every record is impossible due to the amount if manual work.


It appears similar question has been asked in the past but back then there was no official way:




,Re: Bulk change TTL

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I believe you can accomplish the task by using the csv import. You could do the following:


1. Go the zone

2. Click on Export  and select "Export data in Infoblox CSV Format"

3. Once the file is downloaded, make the changes in the TTL section.

4. Do a CSV import


Do let us know if it helps.




Manu M

Re: ,Re: Bulk change TTL

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Is it Possible to import to set the changed TTL value to inherit?

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