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Bulk reserving addresses within a subnet?

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Within Data Management; IPAM tab I am trying to do a .csv import within one of my subnets that will allow me to reserve multiple addresses and change the "Status" Column from "Unused" to "Used".


My initial thought was there may be a boolean TRUE/FALSE value for the "status" column to amend this however this doesn't work and after exporting data within the DHCP tab using "Export data in Infoblox CSV Import Format" for that subnet there is no available header for this column.


If it is not possible to bulk reserve addresses within a subnet in this manner using an import, is there a more efficient way to bulk reserve addresses instead of manually reserving each single address which I am currently doing?


Thank you for taking the time to read/answer and I hope to hear back soon.


Many thanks,



Re: Bulk reserving addresses within a subnet?

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1. IPAM view is a collective representation of DNS/DHCP/Discovery data.

2. IP = "USED" from the IPAM perspective can simply mean that the IP address is part of a range, a Fixed address is definied or a DNS object exist, pointing at this IP address. This IP address can very well be "FREE" (not assigned to any clients), from the DHCP perspective.

3. Reservation and Fixed address (FA) are two different things in Infoblox. REF - Difference between IPV4 Fixed Address and IPV4 Reservation Address.

Therefore, you should be performing the import via DNS/DHCP. 
If you are planning to import FAs with DNS names, the easiest way to craft a proper import file is by doing the below.

1. Create an example FA with required fields manually via GUI.
2. Export that data (from the UI) in csv import format.
3. Edit and modify.
4. Now import the new data with an add operation.

IPAM will automatically reflect the new USED state.
For more information, please refer the CSV Import Reference Guide.

Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

Re: Bulk reserving addresses within a subnet?

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Thank you

Re: Bulk reserving addresses within a subnet?

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How can we do the first step ie; Create an example FA with required fields manually via GUI?

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