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Can't access web interface after HA setup

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I'm trying, without any luck, to configure a freshly wiped IB appliance for HA mode. I have two IBs, and ultimately want them in a HA pair. On the first IB I reset the config, went in via the web and setup the 5 IPs for the HA pair. The IB then rebooted, but now I'm totally unable to access the web interface via ANY IP address.


I went in via serial/SSH and did a 'show network'. It shows a VIP of, and local IPv4 address of And it shows as master of Infoblox Grid. However, as I said, neither IP respond via the browser. I did enable the remote console, and that responds on the .13 address. 


I've done this three time (config reset, re-IP, etc.) all with the same results. What's going on? 

Re: Can't access web interface after HA setup

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Did this happen on a virtual machine?

Re: Can't access web interface after HA setup

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I ran in to this as well and just got off a call.  If it's a virtual machine check this doc:


specifically, this part:

"When you deploy a vNIOS HA pair, ensure that the port connection allows for more than one MAC address per vNIC. For example, if you deploy a vNIOS HA pair in VMware vSphere, the port-profile to which the vNIOS HA and LAN ports connect should allow for more than one MAC address per vNIC. You can do this by changing the security settings of the port-group to accept "MAC address changes" and "Forged transmits," as illustrated in the following figure."


I had to set those two settings on the port group in vmware and I was able to once again access the GUI on a virtual appliance and proceed with the HA setup.   

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