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extract "raw" dhcp config and bulk whitelisting MACs

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Apologies for the beginner level question, I'm just familarizing myself with the product. Our company is planning to deploy Infoblox DDI and I am currently lab testing DHCP functionality.


Is there a way to export "raw" DHCP config - something similar to ISC's dhcpd.conf (with what I am familiar with)? I am testing various config options (custom options, filters etc.) and it'd help me a lot to understand how they work if I could visually follow  the "running" config changes after tweaking something on the GUI.

The version I am using is 8.4.4.


The other question I was not able to figure out yet is how to set a  list of "known MACs" and enable dynamic licenses only for them - at one part of the network there is another DHCP system and Infoblox is should only hand out leases for certain MACs and ignore the others. There would be about 1000 of them - is there a simple way to define/upload this "whitelist" or shall I go the radius way?





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