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Infoblox member DNS query timeout but Grid Master works

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Hi Everyone.


Please advise.


We have two infoblox devices, one a Grid Master and another a member


DNS query is not working when querying from DNS but works if i point to the Grid DNS


Everything was working find 12 months since we deployed infoblox not only today the member DNS gave us problem and we had to allow it out to the extern DNS (OpenDNS) manually on the firewall. So it looks like the member is now forwarding DNS request directly to OpenDNS and not passing it through the Grid Master like it usually used to work.


What could be the problem as nothing was changed.


Your help will be highly appreciated.




Re: Infoblox member DNS query timeout but Grid Master works

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From reading your post, I believe you confiugred the member to forward recursive queries to the GM and that this stopped working recently. I would take a traffic capture on the member while sending it some queries and also check the syslogs for anything out of place. If you dont find anything useful, you can always create a support ticket with Infoblox.

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