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Option 43 for Unify (siemens) Handsets

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I can't get the option 43 setting to be pushed out to the unify handsets that require 3 setting in option 43. 

i have created 3 new Options spaces with the 3 option 43 codes that are required which are:


Voice Vlan 

DLS server address 


i have then created an IPv4 Filter (option filter) and ticked it as a global DHCP Class and called it Siemens.

Created a rule for option 60 = OptiIpPhone 

and withing the DHCP options i have added the 3 option spaces i created option names and values as they are required. 

I've then gone into Grid DHCP Properties and added the option space and match well as adding in the IPv4 filter in for Siemens.

When doing a wireshark trace i can see option 60 with OptiIpPhone being sent out in the request but i get nothing in return.  

if i add the option 43 into the network DHCP options i can get a return back but i need the 3 option 43 tags sent back to the phone for it to work? DHCP Options.JPGRule.JPGDHCP Options.JPGRule.JPG

Re: Option 43 for Unify (siemens) Handsets

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In looking through my old emails, I found a email from an old SE that references a kb article in about dhcp options for siemens phones.  I cannot find the file the support website. I have filed a case with support to see if they can find that article in their archives.


Stay tuned.

Re: Option 43 for Unify (siemens) Handsets

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Hey shanecaz,

I have had the same problem! Fortunately, we have many Siemens experts with us. They gave me the decisive tip.
Under this link I found what I was looking for:

Under is described how Infoblox must be configured.
The UI is a bit older, but the function is the same.
Hope I could help


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