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Permission details, global vs object access interference

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I'm facing an interesting challenge with access, and I hope I've done something wrong as supposed to it's how Infoblox designed permissions. 


Since before: 

Role A has read/write access to internal DNS view, Host, A, CNAME, PTR (Fixed DHCP not possible choosing)

Role A also has read access to TXT/MX/etc 

Role A also has Global Fixed DHCP read/write access 


This worked fine for almost a year now 


New since a month: 

Role B has read/write access to subnet, Host, A , CNAME, PTR 

Role B also has Fixed DHCP read/write access to  



Role A now reports they can no longer change a Fixed DHCP in subnet in subnet

Role A can add a new Host without DHCP and can also remove existing Host without DHCP 



Is it possible Role B's read/write permission for Fixed DHCP in subnet overwrites the global read/write  Fixed DHCP for Role A? Same type of permission but for different Roles? 


If so it's not one but hundreds of subnets and it's not one but 20 Roles and growing... 


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