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Using Forwarders w/ Delegated Zones

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I found out the hard way that when you specify forwarders on a DNS view and select "use forwarders only", it ignores any delegated zones within that view.  We were trying to bypass the use of root hints by selecting that, but it obviously backfired.  Does anyone know the expected behavior for delegations when specifying forwarders on a DNS view, WITHOUT the "use forwarders only" option?  Will the delegation be honored and recursively query the servers on it's config... or will the forwarders at the view level trump them?

Re: Using Forwarders w/ Delegated Zones

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On the parent zone that has delegations, the setting "Don't use forwarders to resolve queries in subzones" must be checked.


For example, if you have a delegation, "" that points to a load balancer, edit the zone "",  click on the Settings panel, and check the setting "Don't use forwarders to resolve queries in subzones".  A restart is required.

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