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Re: Custom DDNS generated host names
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Hello cfedson,


I presume that Infoblox DHCP would be the authority for performing DDNS updates to DNS server after the migration.

There are multiple ways an Infoblox DHCP server can update client's hostname in DNS.

1. Per normal DDNS configuration, the DHCP server either picks hostname from the client's option-81 (FQDN) data OR option-12 (hostname) data for updating DNS. DHCP server captures this information during the lease trasaction of the client.


2. In situations where you need to restrict the use of specific characters in a host name for DDNS updates, you can configure a hostname rewrite policy. This is explained in the Administrator Guide section: Replacing Host Names for DDNS Updates

In case these clients in question does not send their hostname(s) or if they do not have any but only MAC addresses, you can enable "Generate Hostname if not Sent by Client" feature on the Infoblox side.

4. Roaming host: Roaming hosts are Infoblox DHCP definitions that can be defined such that a client still acquires IP address dynamically but its properties are customized on the Infoblox side. A roaming host definition in this scenario for example can be customized with the setting "Replace the hostname dynamically provided by the client/member with the roaming host name defined in Infoblox".

While more information can certainly be found in the Infoblox Administrator Guide or Infoblox Support website, I am simply listing out all possible options since I am not entirely clear on your client side behavior.


Best Regards,

Bibin Thomas

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