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Dennis, thanks. I've corrected the read and write pages, and removed the reference to networkfields in the write code. It's only in the read sample.
Workflow installation guide: Select the Workflow .snap file and then click Open. The path to the Workflow .snap file appears in the Select a snap file box. But where is the .snap file? in the package: Workflow 2.2.0-PR1
Hi In NetMri i have defined a group and added $IPAddress in [10.1...
is it easy to upgrade from NIOS 5.1r6-12 ? regards,
This DSB adds support for the Cisco ASAsm1sc Firewall. It requires NetMRI 6.7.
Uffe -- Thanks for the feedback. I've sent this along to the product manager who takes care of the support portal.
The Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection solution delivers integrated defense again...
Instead of IPAM::Address, try DNS::Host for the search (In addition to DNS::Record::A, DNS::Record::AAAAA). IPAM::Address is "special".
This DSB adds support for the BlueCoat sg9000 v6.4.4.1 Proxy. It requires NetMRI 6.7.2 and installation of the included hotfixes.
I have corrected the script for the typo noted above.

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