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That worked thanks; replaced <dashboard> with <form>.
Hello Samjha , Sorry that this question was left unanswered. I guess you don’t ...
Thanks for quick reply, It seems like I need to add 2 disks. That is what I will do next. I only had one disk (1 TB) . Thanks again, Hajar
This is a generic answer. To start with the lookup __grouping_by_ea_tag_ lookup...
Hello, The Splunk add-on is build by Splunk and is completely different than In...
Hello, For Splunk Report you can go through this links: | Splunk Server I hope this helps you! Thanks Sarahjohn
I had some time to work on this some more. Matching network to network worked w...
I found the issue and made the change in the first post. The problem is that ap...
Also be sure the grid reporting properties didn't change for that index.
Harry, I don't think such a report has ever been created. I believe the data yo...

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