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It should be possible to build an almost identical report using the data from the Data Connector.
What we're being asked for is a report of where we have differences between the device name listed for an end device in the database and the device name when discovered using SNMP.
This is a great dashboard, thanks for sharing!
There are some instructions in the following thread on how to use the XML posted here in your reporting instance.
There are no confirmed plans to change that option at this time, but there is an RFE "Under Consideration" which would impact it that is pending prioritization for a future release. I'm not sure if it's the same one you mentioned.
Hello, Do you indend to use the 1050-a for reporting?I don't belive there are any current versions of NIOS that will support that model. Infoblox "-a" models went end of support in December of 2015. -Roger
@hasagh wrote: Hi thanks can you develop a bit your response? thanks Sure, I wa...
This dashboard emulates the NIOS "Last Queried" feature using the Data Connecto...
Hello hasagh , Please find below the procedure in NIOS 7.2 to enable Zone monitoring used for Last queried reports: Regards Nicolas
Ok I see. Thanks a lot for the help, i will follow up with infoblox.

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