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Alternative Solution: Try Blacklisting Domain and use its Domain Redirect Featu...
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There are several questions in the "Microsoft Migration to Infoblox" that remain unanswered. I also have pretty much the same questions to ask and I did not want to reinvent the wheel. If you would, please chime in.
thank you for the Pointers Regards Mark
Hello Mark. There's no way to do it via GUI. You can try to use the API to perform bulk conversions. Regards, Paulo Costa
Have to say using the IBCLI has been brilliant for me in deploying Grids and multiple networks , so thank you time to look at Nimob :0)
Hello, Thought i would ask here. Would any one know if there is a plan to do IP...
Hi, If you have not found a resolution to this problem, you should contact Infoblox support at Thanks, Christine
Hello Is the following possible Subnet with 2 dhcp ranges 1st dhcp range contai...
This is not something we currently support in the product. You might want to chat with your account SE about this to see if they can suggest some options for you.
Well, depending on the NIOS version you run I'd use the CSV import feature should be very easy) or a scripting tool (either the perl api or the ibcli).