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I have a small perl script that looks for all unmanaged items, use the IP addre...
Thanks for the reply! Just for the other newbies out there, here is the text of...
An API call seems like it would be helpful. If nothing else to not confuse peop...
No, NetMRI cannot be configured to receive traps.
For the rest api it comes down to what are you hoping to get. For example to get the read string of an SNMP DeviceID of 1 it's https://netmri_ip/api/2.9/devices/DeviceCommunity?DeviceID=1 you replace th netmri_ip with your server ip address.
You can't add aliases to a 'fixedaddress'. You would have to add them to a 'host' object. So the columns would be: host fqdn aliases
To add to the previous list. If you are running 7+ software you can group off o...
There are at least two options. Neither is easy, but probably less painful then...
I'll pass that idea off to the PM(Product Manager)
The name structure will trip you up till you have it correct. Also if you hit t...