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Did this get resolved? I am seeing the following in our syslog after enabling R...
Can you share the command line for your route map and how you applied it to redistribute into EIGRP?
I am running into the same capacity alerts - is there any action that needs to be done or what are your thoughts on these alerts?
If you don't want a lot of manual work to build this association, using the DHCP authenticated captive portal system is a good solution. We use it on our campus and have about 55k devices registered.
We use rsyslog for our logging host and we force all logs coming from the server into one file like this: :FROMHOST, isequal, "" /var/log/infoblox.log & ~ Not the answer you were probably looking for, but it works for us.
We have been using the Infoblox captive portal (ie. authenticated DHCP) for a y...
Mark, It sounds like you should be using Response Policy Zones (aka DNS Firewall). Contact your local team for help with this. Ben