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Ran into this issue, found this thread searching for solution. Support helped i...
Hi, Based on the Splunk App that is published here ( https://splunkbase.splunk....
Thank you so much this was great help. hope to see such kind of information on regular basis.
Just to add to what Sif recommended... NX-OS does not support the "verify /md5" command from IOS. Instead you have to use "show file bootflash:nxos.7.0.3.I4.6.bin md5sum". Have the script compare that to the published value on CCO.
Hello Benzaam, Thank you for your usefull comment.
Thank you all! But I think after all if use a config template and run it as a job, I should be just fine... It's just a matter of editing/maintaining the vlan ID and names in the script, rather than in a list.
This will also work 14:05:46 Action-Commands 14:05:46 SET: $x = "set snmp locat...

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