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We have not implemented this enhancement yet but are targeting a number of scripting enhancements for the next release cycle. Please work with your account team to have RFE-4552 prioritized.
This is a very old thread, you should have started a new one with a link to this one. Why not use a Config Template, I see nothing glaring in your script, I would open a Case with Support
Is this issue resolved now ? Is snmpv3 used for polling ? @dstevens wrote: Hi I...
Hi Sean, this happens when the job gets a timeout. the job execution engine kil...
With the 6.9.1 release. Please check out the release notes and updated admin guide on the support site for more info.
Thanks for the reponse Chris and entering it into tracking. Note from my other ...
Hello, The CCS "archive" function will send the output to multiple files (1 for...
Ok thanks. I think we will just do the triggered job. I wanted to avoid doing writing memory to a device that someone is actively making changes on.