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Hi, 1. Unfortunately the picture which you have attached does not display any r...
HI all I am wondering where is the file stored for NIOS-update uploaded to the grid. Is that something you can see on the server using show file comand ?
If your GM is HA and the GM failed over, you'll need to check the audit logs on the passive GM appliance as well. Also, if you did a GMC promotion, you'll need to check on the "old" GM for the audit logs.
This is my solution to get around the syslog issue. Its still a work in progress, but I'm getting closer.
Hello again, 1. Will it reboot the device - NO 2. Will it disconnect from the g...
Thank you this did the trick, corect did find this in the manual provided by Infoblox.
Let me give some more details; { server1 - Grid secondary, NO stealth server2 -...

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