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can you connect me with him saad? I am having this same issue
Here is the updated script. This is an example for Netscalers but the same conc...
Are you blocking any of the IP in the list of authoritative servers? They are t...
Helped me also to setup my perl environment under windows 7. Thanks!
Great work Brad here is how to generate an issue $easy->broker->issue_adh...
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Excellent! Thanks so much. Any chance of getting a "start_at" parameter so we can just exclude an entire set of IPs below a specified number ?
Hi I tried similar concept but always return as no reord found though the record is exist.
Ran the perl script above and did get results -- not the results I was expecting but results none the less. So proved there isn't a communication problem but a configuration issue. Will investigate further.
The path of the location must be exact, capilitization exact also.
if you are running NIOS 6 you can use CSV import and export. this will let you ...