Updating the Python client

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Good day to all.


Does anybody here know (and is willing to share 8-)) how to update the Python client?


Running some scripts I noticed it send v2.1 WAPI commands but, unfortunately, I need to work with the objects present in v2.7.


I cannot use the WAPI interface because I am working with a huge number of networks and have found out that, after sending a bunch of curl messages to the Grid, the audit log just crashes and bringing it back up took restarting the whole grid. You can just imagine just how happy the manager got!


By the way, does anybody know how to check the version of the Python client? It was installed using PiP?


Do you know something about this?


Thanks in advance for any leads on this

Re: Updating the Python client

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Hello There,


To check the installed version, you may do a :


pip list | grep -i infoblox

Latest version seems to be 0.5.0 & you may get to it by doing a : 


pip install --upgrade infoblox-client

Best regards,

Mohammed Alman

Re: Updating the Python client

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Thanks a lot for your kind and prompt reply.

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