Backup support for SFTP

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Hi all,


We are running appliance backups to SFTP for other appliances that we have on our location, and we were wondering if anyone had luck with running an SFTP bakcup.


Thank you,



Re: Backup support for SFTP

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Dear Gunther, 


Currently, the supported protocols for Grid backup are TFTP, SCP, FTP and of course, to the local computer too. Please note that SFTP is not a supported protocol for Grid backup now and we have a feature enhancement request for the same (RFE-10114).



Vineeth Krishnan


Re: Backup support for SFTP

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Dear Vineeth

Are there any news for this topic? We have the same problem as we'd like to backup our Grid to a central SFTP server.

Best regrards

Aron Urban

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