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Webinar June 17-30: Countering Threat Evasion: You Cannot Stop What You Cannot See

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AMS region: Jun. 17 at 10am PDT | 1pm EDT
EMEA region: Jun. 23 at 1pm BST | 2pm CEST
APJ region: Jun. 30 at 10am SGT | 12pm AEST | 2pm NZST


Cybercriminals must become masters of evasion if they are to be successful. Many threats, such as APT’s, are designed to remain hidden for weeks or longer as they slowly monitor their victim, compromising select information in a way that is also intended to go unnoticed. Others, like ransomware, may only need to hide their malicious intentions long enough to infect and begin encryption processes. And even when these attacks trip some defensive sensor, it can take analysts days to investigate and launch an effective incident response, often too late to prevent significant damage.


Join Infoblox and (ISC)2 as we assess evasion methodologies and the value of DNS, with some unique North American callouts, to counter them across the kill chain including:

· Why does DNS visibility expose threat activity other solutions miss?

· How can DNS visibility be used to make other solutions more effective?

· What role does DNS play in investigation and response?

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