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Cleanup of NSG, Name Server Groups

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How can I get a list of what domain uses what NSG? 


I'm going through our GM and see a lot of what's most likely unused NSG's but I prefer not to go through settings on every single domain in all views manually, is there way to pull data of ideally what doman uses what NSG and if not how many domains are assigned to each NSG?



Re: Cleanup of NSG, Name Server Groups

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Hi Bob,


One option is to  export a CSV file from the zones, then filter the CSV file using the required name server . The header for the name server would be 'ns_group'. Once you filter the required name server you can see all the zones in that particular name server. 


Alternately, you can always write an API script to collect this list. 




Re: Cleanup of NSG, Name Server Groups

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Perfect, that works -Thanks!

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