EA inheritance not working

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I will try to keep it simple:


  1. Created an IPv4 network
  2. Added extensible attributes with inheritance enabled
  3. Did an import of our current DNS data using the Data Import Wizard
  4. Import also converted the A-records to Host records, this all works fine but then.
  5. At the IPv4 network level checked the: Modify descendant actions for selected inheritable extensible attributes


When I look at the EA's of the hosts within the IPv4 network, nothing is added/inherited. Is there someone who can tell me what I am doing wrong? Or is it works as designed? If so, what would be the best work around? Knowing there are a lot of Host records.

Re: EA inheritance not working

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We're adding a feature to an upcoming maintenance release related to DNS object and VLAN inheritance.  Who is your SE or account manager so I can reach out to them and ensure that our planned change will address this?





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