How Infoblox Handles Repeated DHCP Discover

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Is it Infoblox's default behaviour to stop responding to DHCP Discovery packet after completing multiple DORA processes from the same client?


I did a packet capture while repeatedly renewing the client's IP address and noticed that after a while, I am not getting anymore DHCP Offer packet.





Re: How Infoblox Handles Repeated DHCP Discover

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My wild guess is that this pcap is from your client ( using relay ( and DHCP server ( 

To troubleshoot or understand DHCP server behavior, you always need atleast the below.

1. PCAP from the server
2. Client MAC address
3. Syslogs from the server covering the pcap duration [preferably with transaction logging - On certain new NIOS versions, this is enabled by default]



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Bibin Thomas

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