CSV import - deletion

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This is probably a silly question, but I'm unable to find an answer so I have to ask haha.


I'm trying to use the CSV Import function to delete host records that aren't actually enabled in DNS - basically they're reservations used for migrations and I want to delete them once the migration is complete.  I see where there's a "delete" radio button for the CSV Import, but when I use a file with the following columns:


It errors out and says that a parent cannot be found.

Is there a different column that needs to be present in order for these records to be deleted?  Or is it simply not possible to do using CSV Import?  

Re: CSV import - deletion

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There is a KB #3709 article on the support site which describe the similar issue.


Depending on the scenario, one of the following solutions may apply:
- When the user wants the host record to be enabled in DNS,
reformat the 'fqdn*' field for the hostrecord as 'host.zonename', where a zone 'zonename' should be present in DNS.
- When the host record should not be enabled in DNS,
Add the following header and value to disable host record in DNS:
Header: configure_for_dns
Value: FALSE




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