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Community Site Update: "Read Only" As We Launch New Site

As we put the finishing touches on the new community site, we want to ensure you're aware the site will become effectively "read only" on Wednesday afternoon, September 2nd.  The site will be back online Friday, September 4th, mid-afternoon.   

You'll still be able to post a question on Wednesday, but any content posted will not migrate over, so we're suggesting you utilize the community as a "read only" reference until you see the new site up and running!

Cloud and IPv6

Despite any initial hype and buzzword overexposure, there can be little question at this point that cloud computing is steadily revolutionizing how IT builds and delivers services.  According to recent statistics, more than 60% of businesses are using cloud IT solutions in some form. Both cost-savings and business agility are reflected in the statistic that more than 80% of organizations that adopted cloud solutions saw a decrease in IT cost along with an improvement in IT services.

If It's not Secure DNS, It's not Secure

All DNS is not created equal. There is your plain vanilla DNS that does the basic job of translating domain names to IP addresses. Fine. But how would that DNS hold up when cybercriminals launch amplification/reflection attacks to slow it down or bring it to a complete halt? Will that DNS be able to tell you when an infected endpoint is brought into the network and attempts to connect to malicious destinations?


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